About me
I was watching my 7-year-old son the other day as he was playing with his finger skateboard on our new trampoline in the garden. He was completely in his own world enjoying what he was doing. It was as if I was looking in the mirror. Observing that little scene made me realize why I love being an editor. When editing, I’m absorbed in the moment and focused on one thing, which creates a cadence, a rhythm that gives me peace of mind.
Why work with me?
Well, it is that peace of mind that helps to provide structure and give direction to your idea. Having worked as an editor for more than a decade means I have gained hands-on expertise and mastered my skills. Putting the pieces of a puzzle together, even when some pieces are missing.
I am structured and tight in editing (and according to my family also at home ;-). From a massive amount of material, I immediately see what is needed to build a good story. It’s my talent to work on all layers - music, images and language - simultaneously. I know how to build scenes with all those layers from scratch, which leads to a roughcut that’s actually not so rough. My initial cut is already quite beautiful, has a certain atmosphere or tone and a story that flows smoothly. Working together with creative producers like film or podcast makers, we create something greater than just the sum of the layers and really put the story across to the audience.
Being structured doesn’t prevent me from thinking freely. I’m always looking for unique details: a certain lighting, an interesting quote, a specific look or something that didn't go quite right on set. Those frayed edges often turn out to be actually interesting when composing the film. That, along with my sense of rhythm, timing and vibe make’s you hit the replay button.
Let’s meet over a cup of good coffee!
bjorn mentink
My pour-over go to coffee recipe:
15gr medium roast , 
somewhat fine grind to 250ml water start brewing at 98℃ 

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